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Value Creation and Consultative Approach

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Value Creation

Helping Your Business Maximize Productivity

Research shows that 95 percent of all process steps in a company add no value to the end product. Our Value Creation program is designed to identify and eliminate those steps. Encompassing a series of solutions designed to address the challenges our customers face, Lean practices reduce operational costs, improve efficiency, enhance safety, and eliminate waste.


The Lean Process

We begin by understanding the goals and needs of your customers. Then, we find ways to meet those requirements while improving productivity, customer service, quality, and safety. The result is a dramatic increase in throughput, providing you the ability to handle more customers in a way that ultimately costs you less and maximizes profits.

Applicable across the entire supply chain process – from supplier to customer – Lean is a team process that results in an executable action plan, identifying and quantifying opportunities for improved efficiencies. The outcome is a competitive advantage that benefits you and your bottom line.

WESCO Value Creation Process

WESCO Value Creation Process
Identify Requirements
Align Solutions
Search for Savings
Customize and Implement

A Consultative Approach

Is it enough to compete today, or does your business require a roadmap for winning tomorrow? Today’s manufacturing climate demands a supply chain that delivers more than just product. It calls for a partnership centered on creating a competitive advantage.


A Partnership-Driven Philosophy

WESCO emphasizes a relationship-based and partnership-driven philosophy where the focus is on you, not us. We have a proven approach to gaining insight into your vision and the challenges that prevent you from your desired market share and profitability. By taking the time to completely understand your core competency, we can create customized solutions that better enable your competitive advantage.


Benefits to Partnering With WESCO

We focus on the client relationship by enabling a 360-degree perspective of opportunity through the client, supplier, and channel partner. We’ll discover solutions that are centered on continuous improvement and can positively impact your bottom line.

Our teams discover exactly what the decision process looks like in each organization and the critical goals and objectives for stakeholders. This insight helps us anticipate and address potential barriers to effective implementation.


A Consultative Sales Approach

We are committed to maximizing your time and creating measurable value. We believe that by gaining the right insight, we can position our organization to deliver the three key areas our clients value the most – speed, quality and delivery.

In this approach, you will find that we care more about where you are trying to go tomorrow and what we can do today to help you get there faster.

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