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The WESCO Utility Group is the distributor of choice for utilities seeking effective solutions for facility electrical, transmission and distribution (T&D), and communications product requirements. Our enhanced visibility tools for real-time analytics, tracking information, and performance metrics for utilities and contractors result in demonstrable savings, helping you maximize your budget.

WESCO provides innovative and customizable services and solutions that help utility customers lower supply chain costs and improve operational efficiency through a wide variety of procurement models. Services include:

  • Comprehensive Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) platform
  • eCommerce and nearly a dozen eCommercial solutions to streamline procurement
  • Integrated supply model facilitated by the WESCO Integrated Supply procurement and materials management system

Investor-Owned Utilities

Investor-Owned Utilities (IOUs)

WESCO Utility supports IOUs with access to a broad range of products and suppliers to keep plants and T&D networks operating efficiently. WESCO is positioned to support IOUs' continuing evolution of grid automation and hardening, facility security, alternative energy integration, and transmission capacity expansion.

Our distribution model is centered on utilizing WESCO's national scale to focus on local support. Commitment to customer service and our technical and logistical support ensures that we can deliver the products and services IOUs need.

Public Power

Public Power

WESCO can help municipalities and co-ops keep their plants and T&D networks operating at peak capacity. Whether your supply model is based on multi-year contracts, spot purchasing, or government schedules, WESCO can fulfill your material needs on time and in policy.

Broadband and FTTx Networks

Broadband and FTTx Networks

For those considering offering broadband services to your rural communities, WESCO can help you navigate designing, building and deploying fiber optic networks to provide subscribers the bandwidth they are demanding.



WESCO Utility is focused on delivering the products contractors need to support building and maintaining utility infrastructure. Buying through a local branch or online through our eCommerce site, contractors have access to the complete suite of WESCO utility, MRO, tools and safety products. Customizable programs for contractors include job site trailers, vending solutions, eStock and more. PPE Testing and tool repair are available through WESCO's Hi-Line Safety division.

Hi-Line Utility Resources

Read the latest utility articles on WESCO's blog.

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Hamby Young

Hamby Young

With over 30 years of experience in substation and transmission projects, Hamby Young serves the utility industry by combining design services and project management capabilities for a coordinated solution to the project owner's consultants, utility contractors, and end-user customers. Experienced in working with voltages up to 765kv, Hamby Young is dedicated to providing form and function solutions in a project environment.

Learn more about Hamby Young.

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