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About WESCO Hamby Young


Since 1974, WESCO Hamby Young has been an industry leader in the material supply business, specializing in high-voltage applications. We offer the design and supply of substation packages (5kV – 765kV) while supporting the transmission and distribution line material needs of our customers across the United States.

At Hamby Young, our value-added project support services are tailored specifically to the needs of the customer and the requirements of the project.




Power Packaging Services

With every project, Hamby Young offers a full-service power-packaging approach that combines value-added services and materials management. Our coordinated supply of service and materials provides an efficient and cost-effective method to ensure the best form, fit and function of each project. Our approach delivers complete packages, fast-track projects, and emergency response.

  • Substation
  • Transmission and distribution lines
  • URD and fiber optic projects
  • Design
  • Packaging
  • Coordination and scheduling
  • Project site services and logistics

 Power Packaging Solutions from Hamby Young



At Hamby Young, our engineering team uses the latest in industry-leading 2D and 3D software to develop a complete design and material package from sketches and one-line diagrams or from consultant and end-user bid packages. We can take your existing 2D drawings, import it into our 3D software and start creating 3D layouts. Our 3D software can also create endless detailed views in seconds, allowing contractors to see key installation specifics.

  • General arrangement layouts in 2D and 3D (345kV substation video below)
  • Structure design and detailing in 2D and 3D
  • Anchor bolt and foundation plans, ground grids, and lightning protection plans
  • Real-time bill of material development in our 3D software
  • Equipment fit and application verification (fuse video below)

Project Management

Our professional project management group prides itself on a “total project” focus. Customers can expect comprehensive, real-time collaboration across the project stakeholders. Using scheduling tools, material update reports, expediting efforts, and industry-standard PM practices, we continue to provide the level of project success customers have come to expect from Hamby Young over the last 40 years. 

  • Extensive industry, technical, and project management experience
  • Comprehensive and complex scope integration capabilities
  • Material delivery reporting and tracking
  • Modern communication tools including web-based PM management platform

WESCO High Voltage Project Services

We combine the expertise of Hamby Young project management and WESCO operations to provide third-party logistics on utility infrastructure project job sites. WESCO High Voltage Project Services coordinates from procurement to job site receipt through material release to the contractors, including job site inventory control and assembly kitting.

  • Scalable to the project duration and ensures no residual resources after project completion
  • Improve material control through site delivery traffic management, material receipt, and release to construction stakeholders
  • On-site inventory control provides systematic project inventory
  • Identify and manage bill of material revisions for design and site material changes
  • Waste and loss reduction is achieved through investment recovery and reclamation programs

 High-Voltage Solutions for Electric Utilities and Utility Contractors

 On-Site Project Services


Watch 3D Render Demos

345kV Customer Substation Created In 3D

Fuse Created In 3D

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