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SupplyRUN Flex Hub

SupplyRUN® Flex Hub Material Management

Wesco Supply RunHaving problems balancing your labor, materials and change orders? Flex Hub can help. Flex Hub allows you to manage your materials virtually from anywhere and at anytime, helping your project to end on time and on budget.


Bulk Buys

Staging of standard parts helps ensure that material will be available when needed. You’re billed only for the materials you use, passing on savings in labor, material costs and reduced waste. Customers also receive high-level communication on back orders.

Customer-Owned Material Staging

One of the biggest benefits of Flex Hub is access to a dedicated customer-owned material team. Material is bin located, allowing for greater accessibility and fewer shipping delays. Freight claims are handled by the distributor with no duplicate billing to the contractor. To eliminate errors, material is checked for part number, type and color. A shipping schedule is also available to you 24/7.

Additional Flex Hub Benefits

change orders
Change orders (adders) through contractor PMs for greater billing control
Contractors do their own releases, saving time and maintaining control of the project
Material deliveries arrive when and where they are needed
Customize labeling
Customize labeling and delivery
Track releases
Track releases of material with 24/7 visibility

For more information, please contact your local account representative or Shane Dorsey at (480) 232-3750 or

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