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Molex: One Company, a World of Innovation

Molex provides our industrial customers with advantages through the development of innovative solutions to improve manufacturing efficiency and safety. Molex offers a complete line of reliable Woodhead Electrical, Connectivity and Power, and Communications and Control solutions designed to support optimal worker safety and performance for today's harsh duty environments.

Molex is an Alliance Partner.

{"altText":"","mainImage":"/medias/sys_master/root/hf6/h3f/9495421943838/APC-Front-Image-Power-System.png","backgroundImage":"/medias/sys_master/root/hcb/h46/9495421485086/Molex-Background.jpg","logoImage":"","backgroundColor":"f2f2f3","buttonColor":"ff1b3a","target":"_blank","url":""} Temporary Power Built to Last

Demo Molex's Super-Safeway Portable Power System in-person and receive a free travel mug.