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FIBERLIGN Fiber Optics Deadend, ADSS, Yellow, 48 in. L, 0.425 in. OD Min, 0.451 in. OD Max

SKU # 78523201209
Type: Fiber Optics Deadend
Application: Limited Tension, Dielectric
Conductor Type: ADSS
OD Min: 0.425 in.
OD Max: 0.451 in.
Length: 48 in.
Color Code: Yellow
Contents: Thimble Clevis

The FIBERLIGN Dielectric Dead-end product line has been designed to securely but gently terminate All Dielectric Self-Supporting (ADSS) aerial fiber optic cable. A two component design consisting of appropriate size and length of Structural Reinforcing Rods and dead-end component is required to transfer axial tensile loads and distribute radial compressive forces through the plastic jacket and onto the internal strength members without damaging the fragile plastic jacket or internal optical fibers.