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Underground Load Tracker, 46kV, 200A to 2400A (200A Default) Trip, 4 hr, LED, Lithium

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Type: Underground Fault Indicator
Voltage: 46kV
Trip Current: 200A to 2400A (200A Default)
Reset - Type/​Current: Current, Time/Manual Reset/5.0A
Reset Delay: 4 hr
Indicators: LED
Cable Diameter: 0.85 to 2.52 in.
Mounting - Sensor/​Indictator: Hot Stick
Batteries: Lithium
Material: Polymer

This FCI identifies peak load current, adjusts to proper trip and hold the trip rating for 72 hours. The trip response curve shape eliminates inrush tripping. 72 hours load memory allows more versatility from one FCI. New stainless steel hardware, increas

Additional Info: Load Tracker with Load Memory