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Overhead Fault Indicator, 69 kV, 800A (Max) Trip, Manual

SKU # 78421698365
Type: Overhead Fault Indicator
Voltage: 69kV
Trip Current: 800A (Max)
Reset - Type/​Current: Manual
Reset Delay: 2/4/8/24 hr
Indicators: Dual LED
Cable Diameter: 0.25-2.00 in.
Mounting - Sensor/​Indictator: Hot Stick/Clamp Mtg
Batteries: Lithium

S.T.A.R. delayed reset overhead (SDOH) faulted circuit indicators (FCI) are designed to quickly and easily locate faults on bare overhead cable systems. The FCI is designed as a one size fits all device for ease of application and stocking. The SDOH is ca