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MILWAUKEE #48-13-8356

Cable Bit, 9/16 in. ID Hole, 72 in. L, 3/16 in. Shank

SKU # 04524209475
Drill Bit Type: Heavy Duty Cable Wood Drill Bit
Hole ID: 9/16 in.
Length: 72 in.
Shank Type: 3 Flat/Hex
Shank Size: 3/16 in.

The Milwaukee® cable bit is ideal for installing small wire systems in unreachable spaces. Cable bits have an extra long, flexible steel shaft that lets you reach behind the wall with greater precision and ease when installing all types of small wire systems, including computer, security, phone, and cable. The bits feature holes in both ends to pull the wire through after drilling. Use the Milwaukee® placement guide (48-08-0275) to properly locate the hole within the interior of the wall.