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MILWAUKEE #48-01-6187

SAWZALL® Blade; Saw; Reciprocating; Double Duty; Straight Back Thin Kerf; 9.00 in. Length x 0.750 in. Width x 0.035 in. Thickness; Bi-Metal Body, High Speed Steel-Co 8 Cutting Edge; 14 TPI

SKU # 04524208486


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Type: Double Duty Reciprocating Saw Blade
Length: 9 in.
Width: 0.75 in.
Thickness: 0.035 in.
Blade: Straight Back Thin Kerf
Construction: Bi-Metal Body, High Speed Steel-Co 8 Cutting Edge
Package Quantity: 50

Thin Kerf metal-cutting blades with the Double Duty Upgrade feature a tooth form that is optimized for the longest life and increased speed. Tough Neck is engineered to protect against tang breakage and delivers the strongest Sawzall blade tang on the market. Maintaining a short profile and thin body, these blades are ideal for making fast, flexible cuts.