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Micrometer; Inside; Electronic; 0.00005 in./0.001mm Graduations; 0.160-0.200 in./4.000-5.000 mm; LCD Digital Display; Carbide Face Spindle-Anvil; Ratchet Thimble Spindle Adjustment; Matte Tool Steel; SPC, Bluetooth Output, RS232 Port

SKU # 04965972542 Manufacturer Series: 770BXT
Type: Electronic Inside Micrometer
Display: LCD Digital
Graduation Scale: Inch/Millimeter
Graduations: 0.00005 in./0.001mm
Range: 0.160-0.200 in./4.000-5.000 mm
Spindle Adjustment: Ratchet Thimble
Spindle-Anvil Material: Carbide Face
Material: Tool Steel
Material Finish: Matte
Output: SPC, Bluetooth Output, RS232 Port
Case: Wooden Case Included

The Starrett 770BXT Series Electronic Internal Micrometer, with built-in Blue tooth technology, provides IP67 coolant, water, dirt and dust in hostile shop environments. In addition, it offers extended travel, reducing the need to exchange anvils. The ground contact points seat the internal micrometer faster and more accurately than the spherical contacts found on other gages.