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Micrometer; Brake; Disc; Automotive; 0.001 in. Graduations; 0.300-1.300 in.; 0.281/0.266 in. Diameter, Carbide Face Spindle-Anvil; Ratchet Thimble Spindle Adjustment; Satin Chrome Steel Frame

SKU # 04965967534 Manufacturer Series: 458
Type: Automotive Disc Brake Micrometer
Graduation Scale: Inch
Graduations: 0.001 in.
Range: 0.300-1.300 in.
Spindle Adjustment: Ratchet Thimble
Spindle-Anvil Diameter: 0.281/0.266 in.
Spindle-Anvil Material: Carbide Face
Material: Steel Frame
Material Finish: Satin Chrome

The Starrett 458 Automotive Disc Brake Micrometer features an advanced sleeve design for precise, easy readability, and its balanced frame and thimble design ensures easy handling. Best used for measuring the depth of wear grooves in disc of brake systems.