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Power Quality Analyzer, 5.000V-1250V rms AC/DC, 50.00A-50.00kA rms AC/DC, 1st to 51st

SKU # 09596910624
Meter Type: Power Quality Analyzer
Voltage: 5V-1250V rms AC/DC
Current: 50.00A-50.00kA rms AC/DC
Harmonics - Volts: 1st to 51st
Harmonics - Amps: 1st to 51st
Frequency: Mains, 40.0-70.0Hz
K-Factor: 1.0-30.0
Watts/​VA: 250W-250MW
Power Factor: 0.25-1.00
Recording: V/A/Hz,Power,Harmonics
Accessories: Voltage/Current Probes, Software/Cable, Line-Volt Adapter, Charger

Power Quality Analyzers: Meter Type - Power Quality Analyzer; Voltage - 5.000V-1250V rms AC/DC; Current - 50.00A-50.00kA rms AC/DC; Harmonics - Volts - 1st to 51st; Harmonics - Amps - 1st to 51st; Frequency - Mains, 40.0-70.0Hz; K-Factor - 1.0-30.0; Watts/VA - 250W-250MW; Power Factor - 0.25-1.00; Recording - V/A/Hz,Power,Harmonics; Accessories - Voltage/Current Probes, Software/Cable, Line-Volt Adapter, Charger; Additional Information - Data Time/Date Stamps

Additional Info: Data Time/Date Stamps