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3M #3500

Monitor, Organic Vapor, For User/Lab Analysis

SKU # 02120013655
Type: Organic Vapor Monitor, For User/Lab Analysis
Detects: 125 Organic Compounds
Application: Personal/Area Monitoring
Measures: Up to 3 Compounds/Badge
Sensor/​Probe: 1 Charcoal Adsorbent Pad

Convenient and easy-to-use - simply clip to shirt lapel, collar or pocket. No batteries, hoses or pumps needed to operate. Lightweight, self-contained monitors record time-weighted average (TWA) vapor concentrations. 18-month shelf life.

Additional Info: Provides precise TWA measurements for an 8-hour period for analysis by an independent laboratory. Following monitoring, seal the badge with supplied cap; record the time/date and compounds to be analyzed and send for analysis.