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Drywall Panel Adhesive, 28 oz, Drywall Panel, Tan, 10 - 160 deg F

SKU # 02875698849
Type: Paste Adhesive
Sealant Application: Drywall Panel
Color: Tan
Temperature Min: 10 deg F
Temperature Max: 160 deg F
Container Size: 28 oz

OSI F38 drywall and panel adhesive is a professional grade, latex-based construction adhesive designed for drywall and other panel applications. This non-flammable, low gassing adhesive can be used for all interior and in-plant construction use. This ultra-low VOC product offers fast strength development and high shear strength, making it well suited for a variety of construction projects requiring high bond strength. The products unique formulation offers green builders a high performance construction adhesive over traditional solvent based adhesives without sacrificing strength and performance. Engineered for use with most building materials.

Additional Info: Cure Time: 48 hrs, VOC: 49 g/L, Form: Thick Paste, Specific Gravity: 1.224, Odor: Mild Acrylic, Base: Poly Vinyl Acetate, Viscosity: 225000 to 325000 cps