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Inverter, String SetAPP; For 208V Grid, NA; Input 300V; Output 120/208V; 3 Phase; 14.4kW

SKU # 40008799893
Type: String SetAPP Inverter
Application: For 208V Grid, NA
Watts: 14.4kW
Input Voltage: 300VDC
Output Voltage: 120/208V
Phase: 3
Dimensions: 21.00 x 12.50 x 10.50 in.
Connectors: 4-Wire WYE + PE or 3-Wire Delta
Product Type: Inverter

SetAPP Commercial Series is quick and easy to commission via SolarEdge SetAPP on your smart phone. Designed for use with SolarEdge Commercial Optimizers and Compliant with NEC 2017 PV RSS. 14.4kW unit has a max DC input of 19.4kW (STC). SolarEdge inverters are designed to be paired with a SolarEdge Optimizer on each module.