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Terminated Dual Fiber Glass Diffuse, Reflective Smooth

SKU # 78211376090 Manufacturer Series: E51
Cable Type: Terminated Dual Fiber
Sensor Mode: Diffuse, Reflective
Fiber Material: Glass
Fiber/​Bundle Diameter: 0.125 in. (3.18mm)
Jacket: Stainless Steel
Minimum Bend Radius: 2.50 in.(63.50 mm)
Tip Style: Smooth
Tip Viewing Direction: Right-Angle
Tip Diameter: 0.187 in. (4.75 mm)
Length: 120 in. (3048mm)
Control End Mounting: Prism, Comet, 50, 55, 80, 70, E51 Standard End Style
Operating Temperature: -45 to 249 deg C (-50 to 480 deg F)

Glass fiber optic cables from electrical sector transmit light through a cable containing a bundle of tiny glass fibers. The cable can curve back and forth through equipment to the target and still transmit light with very little signal loss.