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MOLTAN #8925

Loose Granular Absorbent, Diatomaceous Earth, Tan/White

SKU # 09191396625
Absorbent Type: Loose Granular Absorbent
Absorbs: Water, Oil, Grease, Chemicals, Paint, Odors, Cat Litter
Material: Diatomaceous Earth
Color: Tan/White
Absorption Capacity: 2.8 gal. (Water), 3 gal. (Oil)
Package Type: Poly Bag
Weight: 25 lb.

OptiSorb® premium oil absorbent is an all purpose absorbent designed for the quick clean up of water, oil and grease. Made from diatomaceous earth, a naturally occurring mineral with superior absorptive ability, this high quality product delivers 50% more absorbency per pound than clay alternatives. OptiSorb® premium oil absorbent is available in a paper bag or a leak resistant and moisture resistant poly bag.