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Jacket and Bib Pant, 40 to 42 in. Waist/40 to 42 in. Chest/Medium, PVC on Polyester, Orange

SKU # 04514320132
Type: 3-Piece Utility Rainsuit
Material Type: PVC on Polyester
Material Specification: 0.35mm
Material Color: Orange
Size: Medium, 40 to 42 in. Waist, 40 to 42 in. Chest

All styles are .35mm PVC on polyester fabric to provide added durability and strength. Excellent value for indoor or outdoor use popular with construction and utility workers. Protects against water and many chemicals. Non-conductive construction. Take-up snaps on wrists ankles and waist. Three Piece Suit features jacket with detachable hood and bib overalls with elastic suspenders.