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Marker, Pipe, Legend: Waste Water, Rigid Vinyl

SKU # 84664297748
Type: Pipe Marker
Legend: Waste Water
Marker Height: 12 in.
Marker Length: 19 in.
Material: Rigid Vinyl
Mounting: Snap-On

Snap Tite is a pre-coiled pipe marker that installs quickly and easily. Simply uncurl it over the pipe release it and it ""snaps"" into place. With its 360 deg wrap coverage encircling the pipe the pipe marker can be virtually read from any angle. The bold legend and directional arrow provide universal direction fit and visibility. Snap Tite is printed on heavy gauge 20-mil rigid vinyl plastic that is lightweight yet durable enough to withstand tough industrial environments. Marker fits directly over pipes with dirty greasy or rough surfaces and also over insulation. Marker can also be easily removed and reapplied. Service temperature range is -4 deg F - 158 deg F.

Additional Info: Fits 3.25"" to 5"" Pipes