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Storage Bin, 0.55 cu-ft Volume, 18.00 in. L, Plastic

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Type: Storage Bin
Mounting: Stacking Hanging
Style-Shape: Fits on Shelving, Hopper Front
Length: 18 in. (457.2mm)
Width: 8.25 in. (209.55mm)
Height: 9 in. (228.6mm)
Capacity - Volume: 0.55 cubic ft.
Material: Plastic
Color: Yellow

Optimize your storage space. AkroBins are the industry-leading hanging and stacking plastic storage bin. Heavy-duty, industrial-grade polymer bins stack together or hang from Akro-Mils louvered racks and panels, rail racks, storage cabinets and louvered carts for high-density storage. AkroBins are corrosion-proof and unaffected by weak acids and alkalis. dividers, lids and a wide range of labeling options are available.