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Glove Bag, 46 in. L, 2 Pair Each Side Chamber, 2 Service Sleeves, Clear PVC or Polyurethane

SKU # 47102498983
Type: Glove Bag
Size: L: 46 in.
Sleeves: 2 Pair (Each Side Chamber)

Glove bags are flexible containments that enclose a contaminated item or form a small work area to confine the spread of contamination. Glove bags allow work to be performed on potentially contaminated items by personnel wearing a minimum of protective clothing. Access to the glove bag interior via gloved sleeves enables repairs or manipulations without directly contacting contaminated surfaces.

Additional Info: Body Material: Clear PVC or Polyurethane, Fire Retardant, Glove Sleeves and Access Sleeves: 8 mil or 12 mil Translucent Yellow PVC or Polyurethane, Fire Retardant