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E-Grips Conduit Riser Wire Mesh Cable Grip, Tinned Bronze

SKU # 78286288711
RoHS Compliant
Type: Wire Mesh Cable Grip
Application: Conduit Riser
Eye: Support Ring
Mesh: Single Weave, Split Rod
Material: Tinned Bronze
OD Min: 1.25 in.
OD Max: 1.49 in.
Approx Break Strength: 890 to 1610-lb
Mesh Length: 13 in.

Flexible Cable Grips - Wire Mesh: Type - Wire Mesh Cable Grip; Application - Conduit Riser; Eye - Support Ring; Mesh - Single Weave, Split Rod; Material - Tinned Bronze; OD Min - 1.25 in.; OD Max - 1.49 in.; Approx Break Strength - 890 to 1610-lb; Mesh Length - 13 in.; Additional Information - Conduit Size: 4.00 in.; Manufacturer Series - E-Grips

Additional Info: Conduit Size: 4.00 in.