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Outdoor Distribution Loadbreak Cutout 15

SKU # 78667197815 Manufacturer Series: LBU-II
Type: Outdoor Distribution Loadbreak Cutout
Nominal kV: 15
BIL kV: 110
Amps - continuous: 100A
Interrupting - Asym Amps: 16000
Fuseholder: Barrel Expandable Cap
Insulator Material: Silicone
Terminal Type: Clamshell
Replacement Fuseholder: 278C310A11
Bracket Specifications: NEMA Type A Bracket

The ABB LBU-II cutout performs as an outdoor loadbreak switch, as well as a fused cutout for distribution systems. Loadbreak interruption is accomplished by means of a self contained loadbreak arc chute which confines the arc and provides a deionizing act