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Transformer, K Factor; 60Hz; 1 Phase; 208V Primary; 25 kVA

SKU # 78668010247 Manufacturer Series: KT4
Type: K Factor Transformer
Volts, Primary: 208V
Volts, Secondary: 120/240V
Phase: 1
Frequency Rating: 60Hz
Taps: (2)Plus 2.5pct x (4)Minus 2.5pct
Winding: Copper
Temperature Rise: 115 deg C
Construction: Ventilated, Drip-Proof
Enclosure Rating: NEMA 2
Enclosure HxWxD: 37.59x22.89x20.36 in.
Weight: 437 lb.

Eaton K-Factor Transformers address the problems caused by non-linear loads and harmonics. They also compensate for stresses on a transformers winding insulation which prevents insulation breakdown and premature failure. The net result is longer transformer life. K-Factor Transformers are manufactured with the same high-quality construction features as other ventilated transformer products, including standard NEMA 2 Enclosures.

Additional Info: Frame Size: 818, Insulation Temperature: 180 deg C, Weathershield: WS11