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Residential Meter Stack Module 3Phase 120/208V, 2 Sockets

SKU # 78211478629
Socket Type: Residential Meter Stack Module
Service: 3Phase
Voltage: 120/208V
Bus Amps: 1200A
Socket Amps: 125
Number of Sockets: 2
Socket Cover Style: Ringless w/Horn Bypass
Socket Jaws: 5
Breaker Series: BR, BRH, BRHH
Enclosure Type: Outdoor, NEMA 3R
Dimensions: HxWxD: 40 x 15.5 x 8.5 in. (1016 x 394 x 216mm)

Group metering, also known as multiple metering, is used where electric utility power enters a commercial building or multi-family residence. The product consists of some type of main device along with multiple meter sockets in one unit or in several connected units. The multiple meters allow the utility to measure power consumption for each tenant of the building. This type of metering equipment is commonly used at apartment complexes and strip malls.

Additional Info: Bus Material: Aluminum