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Fuse Cover, J (35-60A) at 600 V, Thermoplastic

SKU # 78200175369 Manufacturer Series: DFC
Cover Type: Dead-Front Fuse
Fuse Type, 600V: J (35-60A)
Dimensions: HxWxD: 4.56 x 1.06 x 2.17 in.
Material: Thermoplastic

Mersen DFC dead-front fuse covers snap on to individual fuses installed in fuse blocks, covering exposed live clips and terminals and reducing accidental contact by personnel. They are sized to fit Class G, H, J, K, R, CC or midget fuses for increased safety and (optional) open-fuse indication. All DFC dead-front fuse covers are reusable when a fuse is replaced - simply detach from the open fuse and reattach to the new replacement fuse. On indicator models an orange indicator light will illuminate to indicate an open fuse. DFC fuse cover ends can be easily cut to accommodate existing wiring, safety switches or special installations. A blank label is provided with each DFC to write in circuit or fuse information.