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Thomas and BettsĀ® Floor Outlet, Cast Iron, 1-Single/Duplex Recept or Communications

SKU # 78599161584 Manufacturer Series: 600
Box Type: Floor Outlet
Installation: Concrete
Material: Cast Iron
Service: Flush, Single
Opening Shape: Round
Device Capacity: 1-Single/Duplex Recept or Communications
Dimensions: DxWxL: 3.03 x 4 x 4.25 in.
Capacity: 36 cubic in.
Pre-Pour, Post-Pour Adjustment: 2.50 in., 0.93 in.
Entry: Threaded Hubs, (4) 3/4 in.
Cover Mounting: Direct to Box

Additional Info: Utilizes P60 Carpet Plates and Covers