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Circuit Breaker, Arc Fault w/Ground Fault; 1P; 120V AC; 20A

SKU # 78667000782 Manufacturer Series: CH
Type: Arc Fault with Ground Fault Breaker
Mounting: Loadcenter, Plug-On
Poles: 1P
Amps: 20A
Voltage: 120V AC
Rating - kA IR: 10
Dimensions: W: 0.75 in.

Eaton is expanding its line of arc fault and ground fault solutions to include the dual purpose arc fault/ground fault (AF/GF) circuit interrupter for residential and light commercial applications. The AF/GF circuit interrupter was developed in response to the 2014 National Electrical Code (NECT) that now requires AFCI protection in kitchens and laundry areas as well as the historical requirement of ground fault protection. Eaton's AF/GF circuit interrupter will offer both types of protection in one familiar package. The AF/GF circuit interrupter provides quick installation and a single location to easily access and identify tripped circuits.

Additional Info: Combination Type AFCI GFCI, Operating Temperature: -31 to 150 deg F, Power Consumption: 1.3 W