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Circuit Breaker, Mining Service; 3P; 600V AC; 250A

SKU # 78211422296 Manufacturer Series: Series C E2
Type: Mining Service Circuit Breaker
Trip Type: Thermal Magnetic Interchangeable Trip
Voltage Max: 600V AC
Poles: 3P
Continuous Amps: 250A
Trip Range: 1250-2500A Magnetic
kA IR 240V AC: 65
kA IR 480V AC: 35
kA IR 600V AC: 18
kA IR 250V DC: 10
Terminals: Line and Load Lugs
Frame Type: J Frame
Dimensions: 4.13 x 10 x 4.06 in. (105 x 254 x 103mm)

State-of-the-art E2 mining service breakers incorporate the rigid specifications and testing procedures developed by a focus group led by engineers from several large coal companies and Eaton design engineers. Additionally, the performance of these breakers was proven and verified during hundreds of hours of field testing in harsh mine environments.

Additional Info: Voltage Rating: 250 Vdc, Terminals - 0.25-20 in.