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Sentron Air Circuit Breaker; 100 kA IR at 415 VAC; 3P; 1600A

SKU # 04089294271 Manufacturer Series: 3WL1
Type: Electronic Air Circuit Breaker
Voltage Maximum: 690V AC
Number of Poles: 3P
Amps: 6300A
kA IR 480V AC: 100 kA IR at 415 VAC
kA IR 600V AC: 100 kA IR at 500 VAC
Dimensions WxHxD: 27.72x18.33x18.54 in. (704.0x465.5x471.0 mm)
Frame Type: S3 6300A

3WL1 air circuit breakers offer highly flexible application and consistent communication capability. With the 3WL1 circuit breakers, just three sizes cover a performance range of 630A to 6300 A. All models are characterized by the same design, the same operation and the same comprehensive accessories. With over one million breakers sold around the world since the product introduction, 3WL Circuit breakers provide time-tested and proven technology in the low-voltage product portfolio. With a design created around customer needs and convenience, the 3WL family offers virtually-unlimited configuration capabilities unique to its class, setting an industry precedent for modularity.