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EATON #83E2558

Circuit Breaker, Molded Case; 500V AC/250V DC; 3P; 20A

SKU # 78211418919
Type: Molded Case Circuit Breaker
Voltage Maximum: 500V AC/250V DC
Number of Poles: 3P
Amps: 20A
Dimensions WxHxD: 8.60x5.80x6.40 in. (218x147x163 mm)
Frame Type: AQB-A101

These breakers have adjustable instantaneous trip settings of LO, intermediate and HI. The LO setting is 500 percent to 700 percent of continuous current rating. It is designed for DC motor circuits and ac feeder circuits. The HI setting is 1200 percent to 1400 percent of continuous current rating and is designed for application on AC motor circuits. The intermediate setting may be used to increase LO setting trip amperes or decrease HI setting trip amperes as may be required. NQB-A101 circuit breakers have a maximum continuous current rating of 100 amperes. They are used only as disconnects, since they do not include an automatic opening device.

Additional Info: Trip Type: Non-Interchangeable Thermal Magnetic, Auxiliary Switch: 1A-1B Left-Hand, Interrupt Rating: 15 kAIC at 500 V AC, 10 kAIC at 250 V DC