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Fiber Optic Trunk Cable Assembly, Multimode (OM4), 50/125µm

SKU # 61305614997
RoHS Compliant
Type: Indoor Fiber Optic Trunk Cable Assembly
Transmission Mode: Multimode
Cable Construction: Polarity Method B, Optimized IL
End Connector - A: MPO Female
End Connector - B: MPO Female
Jacket Rating: CMP (OFNP)
Length - Metric: 11.58m
Length: 38 ft.
Fiber Type: OM4
Fiber Count: 24
Speed: 50/125µm
Color: Aqua

Small diameter trunk cable assemblies allow for rapid deployment of high-density permanent links in a single assembly for data center applications requiring quick infrastructure deployment, such as main, horizontal and zone distribution areas. These trunk