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Fiber Optic Trunk Cable Assembly, Multimode (OM4), 50/125µm

SKU # 61305614655
RoHS Compliant
Type: Indoor Fiber Optic Trunk Cable Assembly
Transmission Mode: Multimode
Cable Construction: Polarity A, Optimized IL
End Connector - A: PanMPO™ Female
End Connector - B: PanMPO™ Female
Jacket Rating: OFNP (Plenum)
Length - Metric: 10.36m
Length: 34 ft.
Fiber Type: OM4
Fiber Count: 24
Speed: 50/125µm
Color: Aqua

Small Diameter Trunk Cable Assemblies allow for rapid deployment of high-density permanent links in a single assembly for data center applications requiring quick infrastructure deployment, such as main, horizontal and zone distribution areas. These trunk cable assemblies optimize cable routing requirements to ensure efficient use of pathway space and significantly reduce installation time and cost. QuickNet™ Small Diameter Trunk Cable Assemblies are built with modular MPO connectivity and provide compatibility, flexibility and system performance in all permanent link applications. All small diameter trunk cable assemblies are factory terminated and tested to deliver verified optical performance and reliability for improved network integrity. 10Gig versions provide 10 Gbps network performance up to 300 meters for OM3 and up to 550 meters for OM4 per IEEE 802.3ae 10 GbE standard while maintaining compatibility with legacy systems.