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Secure Adapter Ring

SKU # 47008199140
Type: Secure HDMI Adapter Ring
Includes: (1) Interseries Adapter Full Sized DisplayPort Male to HDMI Female, (1) Interseries Adapter Mini HDMI C Male to HDMI A Female, (1) Interseries Adapter Mini-DisplayPort Male to HDMI Female, (1) Apple Certified Adapter Lightning (M) to HDMI (F) and Lightning (F) to Power Device, (1) Slimport compatible Micro USB to HDMI Adapter Cable, (1) MHL Compatible Micro USB to HDMI Adapter Cable, (1) 5 in. Long Adapter Cable USB C Male to HDMI Female, (1) Security Clamp to Attach Apple Adapters to DL-AR System and (1) Base Security Clamp, Cable and Hardware for DL-AR System