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Beacon, 24 VAC 50/60Hz, 12 to 24 VDC, 0.55/0.7 A, LED

SKU # 78264014028 Manufacturer Series: 94PLEDM
Type: Steady-On Light
Mounting: Conduit
Connection: 3/4 in. NPT
Color: Green
Lens Material: Polycarbonate
Housing: Metal Base
Flash Rate - fpm: 65 FPM
Rating - Voltage: 24V AC 50/60Hz, 12 to 24V DC
Rating - Current: 0.55/0.7 A
Light Source: LED
Enclosure Application, Rating: Indoor, Outdoor

Edwards Polaris™ Class 94 Series LED beacons are NEMA Type 4X and IP66 rated visual signals suitable for use in indoor and outdoor applications. The units are field configurable with up to seven flashing patterns, including steady-on, utilizing a Hidden In Plain Sight (HIPS) switch. The inner, double Fresnel lens is made of a high grade polycarbonate and is designed to magnify the ultra-bright LED's inside. A clear, outer, impact resistant polycarbonate dome offers additional protection against accidental impacts with machinery or falling objects. It also acts as a protective and simple to clean dust and residue cover. The 94 Series beacons are designed to be mounted on 3/4 in. NPT conduit (indoor or outdoor). For outdoor installation and to maintain the NEMA and IP ratings, the beacon must be mounted with the dome facing directly up. When installing the beacon indoors in dry environments, it can be mounted in any position. The 94 Series housing has a cast base that can function as a junction box. The Polaris Class is designed for any industrial or commercial applications that require the longevity of an LED and the brightness of a xenon strobe. These units are very effective in high noise areas where ear protection is worn or audible signals may not be heard.