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Tone and Voice Generator, 50/60Hz, Selectable Tone

SKU # 78264056003 Manufacturer Series: Millennium 5560M
Module Type: Weatherproof Multi-Purpose Voice and Tone Generator
Tone: Selectable
Sound: 90 dB at 1m (80 dB at 10 ft.)
Fequency: 50/60Hz
Voltage: 120V AC
Enclosure: NEMA 3R
Mounting: 4 in. Backbox

The Edwards 5560M Millennium Mini-Mi is a compact tone and voice generator which is completely modular in construction. The 5560M base unit is supplied with or without a 110 candela strobe. One of five optional modules may be installed in the base unit. The 5560M is configured for stand-alone operation when installed with the 556T-M Tone Module Board. One tone may be dipswitch selected from a field of 55 tones and will be played whenever power is applied to the unit. When installed with the 556T-M485 Tone Module Board, any of the available 55 tones can be activated over a RS485 Network. For a complete listing of all 55 tones, see the tone selection chart listed under documents. When configured with the 556V-M Voice Module Board, the unit is capable of stand-alone voice operation. When power is applied to the unit it will play up to 20 seconds of one pre-recorded, field programmed voice message. The 5560M is capable of system operation when fitted with an audio coupler board. The 556A-M Audio Coupler Board allows the Mini-Mi to be operated as a system speaker amplifier over any system that outputs 10, 25 or 70.7V RMS. Audio input voltage is selected on the audio coupler through an onboard jumper. The 5560M Mini-Mi may also be used as a system signal on an RS485 network using the 556A-M485 Audio Coupler Module Board.