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SIMOTICSĀ® Motor, Servo; Synchronous AC; IP65; 2000 RPM; 5 NM Static

SKU # 80476634767 Manufacturer Series: S-1FT7
Type: Synchronous AC Servomotor
Use w/​Drive Series: SINAMICS S120
Torque Rating: 50.00 NM Static, 38.00 NM Rated
Speed Rating: 2000 rpm
Enclosure: IP65

The 1FT7 motors are permanent-magnet synchronous motors with very compact dimensions and an optically attractive design. Due to the well proven cross-profile and the rotatable connectors with quick-release locks, quick and easy mounting of the motors is possible. The 1FT7 motors fulfill the highest demands on dynamic performance, speed setting range, shaft and flange accuracy. They are equipped with state-of-the-art encoder technology and optimized for operation on our fully digital drive and control systems. Natural cooling, forced ventilation or water cooling are available as cooling types. With the natural cooling method, heat is dissipated through the surface of the motor, whereas with the forced ventilation method, heat is forced out by means of built-on fans. Maximum cooling and thus maximum power ratings can be achieved using water cooling.