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Simotics Motor, Servo; Synchronous AC; 3000 RPM; 2 NM Static; 1 NM Rated

SKU # 88762115424 Manufacturer Series: S-1FK7
RoHS Compliant
Type: Synchronous AC Servomotor
Use w/​Drive Series: SINAMICS S110/S120
Voltage Rating: 380-480V AC
Torque Rating: 20.00 NM Static, 10.00 NM Rated
Speed Rating: 3000 rpm
Enclosure: IP65

SIMOTICS S-1FK7 High Inertia motors have a higher rotor inertia than the compact version. With high load inertias, the increased rotor moment of inertia provides for a comfortable control response. The controller default settings are sufficient to ensure a good surface quality on the workpiece when the motor is employed on feed axes with high or variable load inertia. There is a choice of 13 types with 4 shaft heights with torques from 3 to 48 Nm and rated speeds up to 6000 rpm.