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SIEMENS #A6X30090260

Simotics Motor, Servo; Geared; 380-480V AC; IP65/67; 1.3 NM Static

SKU # 88762142062 Manufacturer Series: S-1FK7
RoHS Compliant
Type: Synchronous Geared Servomotor
Use w/​Drive Series: SINAMICS S110/S120
Voltage Rating: 380-480V AC
Torque Rating: 1.30 NM Static, 0.90 NM Rated
Speed Rating: 6000 rpm
Enclosure: IP65/67

SIMOTICS S-1FK7 High Dynamic motors are distinguished by a high overload capability as well as low inertia. Thereby, they reach an extremely high acceleration capacity. The SIMOTICS S-1FK7 High Dynamic motors are especially suitable for applications with very short cycle times, e.g. in packaging machines. 14 types are available with a torque range from 1.3 to 28 Nm and rated speeds up to 6000 rpm. 1FK7 motors can easily be combined with planetary gearboxes to form compact coaxial drive units. The gearboxes are flanged directly to the drive end of the motors. When selecting the gearbox, ensure that its maximum permissible input speed is not exceeded by the maximum speed of the motor. In the case of high operating frequencies, allowance must be made for the factor f2 (see Configuration Manual for 1FK7 synchronous motors). The frictional losses of the gearbox must always be taken into account.