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SIEMENS #A6X30101981

Simotics Motor, Servo; Geared; 380-480V AC; IP65; 27 NM Static

SKU # 80476600630 Manufacturer Series: S-1FK7
RoHS Compliant
Type: Synchronous Geared Servomotor
Use w/​Drive Series: SINAMICS S110/S120
Voltage Rating: 380-480V AC
Torque Rating: 27.00 NM Static, 15.50 NM Rated
Speed Rating: 3000 rpm
Enclosure: IP65

SIMOTICS S-1FK7 compact motors offer high power density within extremely compact dimensions and are, therefore, the ideal solution for numerous applications. Because of their short overall length, they are predestined to be installed in tight spaces. Their compactness makes them the standard motor in the torque range from 0.18 to 48 Nm. They make motion control axes exceptionally dynamic - thanks to their high overload capability. A motor spectrum is available that comprises 22 types with 7 shaft heights and rated speeds up to 6000 rpm. The 1FK7 geared servomotors comprise the 1FK7 synchronous motors described above and the directly mounted helical and bevel gears. The 1FK7 geared servomotors are pre-assembled as a complete unit and supplied with a gearbox filled with oil. The type range comprises helical geared motors with 9 gearbox sizes, offset-shaft geared motors with 5 gearbox sizes, bevel geared motors with 8 gearbox sizes and worm geared motors with 5 gearbox sizes. A wide range of mechanical mounting methods can be implemented with the numerous options. 1FK7 geared servomotors are designed for operation without external cooling and the heat is dissipated through the motor surface and the gearbox mounting surface. 1FK7 geared servomotors can be combined with the SINAMICS S120 drive system to create a powerful system with high functionality. Integrated encoder systems for speed and position control can be selected depending on the application just as for 1FK7 synchronous motors.