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DC Contactor, 480-460/400-380V AC 60/50 Hz Coil, 32A, 2P

SKU # 75455476618
RoHS Compliant
Type: DC Contactor
Construction Standard: I.E.C. 220VDC
Size: 2
UL Cont. Amps: 32A
Poles: 2P
Coil Voltage: 480-460/400-380V AC 60/50 Hz
Enclosure Type: IP00/Open
Auxiliary Contacts: (2) NO (2) NC

The contactors are finger-safe according to EN 50274. Terminal covers may have to be fitted onto the connecting bars, depending on the configuration with other devices. The DC motor ratings are applicable to the DC-3 and DC-5 utilization categories with t