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Cutler-Hammer Non-Reversing Contactor, 42/48 VAC 50/60Hz Coil, 3 P, 1NC

SKU # 01508051791
Type: Full Voltage Miniature Non-Reversing Contactor
Construction Standard: I.E.C
Size: 45mm Mini Frame
UL Cont. Amps: 8.8 A
Poles: 3
Coil Voltage: 42/48 VAC 50/60Hz
Hp 1-Phase 115V: 0.5 Hp
Hp 1-Phase 230V: 1.5 Hp
Hp 3-Phase 200V: 2 Hp
Hp 3-Phase 230V: 3 Hp
Hp 3-Phase 460V: 5 Hp
Hp 3-Phase 575V: 5 Hp
Enclosure Type: IP20
Auxiliary Contacts: 1NC

Eaton's new line of XT miniature controls includes non-reversing and reversing mini contactors, mini overload relays and snap-on accessories. A wide range of applications is possible, including small electrical motors from fractional to 5 hp (460 VAC) or up to 4 kW (400 VAC).