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Freedom Contactor, Reversing; Open; 3P; 27A; 120/110V 60/50Hz

SKU # 78211377999
Type: Reversing Contactor
Construction Standard: I.E.C. 600V AC
Size: NEMA Size 1
UL Cont. Amps: 27A
Poles: 3P
Coil Voltage: 120/110V 60/50Hz
Hp 1-Phase 115V: 1.00 Hp
Hp 1-Phase 230V: 3.00 Hp
Hp 3-Phase 200V: 5.00 Hp
Hp 3-Phase 230V: 5.00 Hp
Hp 3-Phase 460V: 10.00 Hp
Hp 3-Phase 575V: 15.00 Hp
Enclosure Type: Open
Auxiliary Contacts: (1) NO (1) NC Side Mounted

Reversing contactors are used primarily for reversing single- or three-phase motors in applications where running overcurrent protection is either not required or is provided separately. They consist of two contactors mechanically and electrically interlocked to prevent line shorts and energization of both contactors simultaneously.

Additional Info: 1.00 Hp Max, Mounting: Steel Mounting Plate