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Contactor; Lighting; Mechanically and Magnetically Held; Non-Combination; 120/110V 60/50Hz Coil; 6P; NEMA 600V AC; NEMA 4/4X; 20A

SKU # 78308775936 Manufacturer Series: Class CLM
Contactor Type: Mechanically and Magnetically Held Lighting
Construction Standard: NEMA 600V AC
UL Cont. Amps: 20A
Poles: 6P
Coil Voltage: 120/110V 60/50Hz
Enclosure Type: NEMA 4/4X

The CLM 20 amp lighting contactor is an electromagnetically operated, mechanically latched three wire control contactor. The most commonly used method of control is a three position momentary contact switch with a center-off position. The controlling device must be able to make the coil inrush current but need not break it. The coil current is interrupted by the control contacts within the CLM contactor. Power for the control line may come from a separate source or directly from the line side of the CLM contactor.