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FREUD #DCC045040N01F

Steel Demon Disc, Grinding Flap; 4-1/2 in. Dia.; Ultra Coarse Grade; 40 Grit

SKU # 43764998998 Manufacturer Series: Corner-Edge
Type: Grinding Flap Disk
Diameter: 4.5 in.
Mounting Size: 7/8 in.
Wheel Configuration: Type 29 Conical
Grit/​ANSI Type: 40 Grit
Surface Grade: Ultra Coarse Grade
Material: Premium Zirconium
Maximum Speed: 13280 RPM
Material Capacity: Metal, Stainless Steel

Diablo's Steel Demon Corner-Edge flap discs feature a premium zirconium blend for up to 10X faster material removal when compared to standard grinding wheels. The flap discs' special flap design offers flexibility and provides for a cushioned grinding effect. Diablo's high performance flap discs combine two steps in one by simultaneously grinding and polishing.